Hospital Needs

Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

Hospital Needs:
The following items would be the most useful for our hospital:

rolex day date 36mm 118135 0086 mens leather strap
General Medical SuppliesPharmaceuticalsOB/GYN/UROLOGY
IV cannulas (intracaths)  esp sizes    18,20,22, but also sizes 16, 24IV tubing (all kinds, ie pediatric, adult, blood giving sets)IV solutionspediatric intraosseous needlessyringes, esp 5cc and 10cctape (all kinds)gloves, esp sterile pairs, esp sizes 7 and 7 1/2, large exam gloveslubricating jellyspinal needles (esp 22G, 31/2inch)tongue bladesbandaidsAny and all antibiotics, but especially quinolones    (Cipro, Floxin, etc)macrolides (Zithromax,etc.) and cephalosporinsNSAIDsUlcer Rxs, H2 blockers(cimetidine, ranitidine…), Prilosec, Prevacid, PeptoBismal, etcSpironolactoneEstrogens/Provera  (medroxyprogesterone)Tylenol (acetaminophen)CytotecAntifungals, topical and/or systemicvaginal speculaamniotomy hooksultrasound transmission gelurostomy bagscolostomy bagscatheter bagsPap smear slide holderscytobrush or cervical broom (Pap smear)fetal doppler
Theater/Operating Room
scissors: suture, Mayo, Metzenbaumsurgical drape material (preferably without plastic)gelfoam or surgical hemostatic agentssurgery scrub brushesrazors (shaving in prep for surgery)hats, masks, and shoe covers for surgeryprep gauze or sponges or balls4X4 gauzesuction drains (Jackson Pratt or Hemovac)Penrose drainsscalpel bladessuture, skin (nylon, silk etc.), chromic and plain,esp larger sizes (0,00),large fascia (dexon, vicryl, PDS, Maxon)sterile gauze (all shapes and sizes)skin staplesspinal anestheticsspinal needleshydrogen peroxideiodine solution plus alcohol skin solutionsurgical gowns
Orthopedic SuppliesDiagnostic SetsLaboratory
cervical collarsclavicle splints (Fig 8)armslingselastic bandagescrutchesspinal needlesthoracentesis traysbone marrow biopsy setsliver biopsy setsurine dipstickslancetsalcohol prep padsvacutainer needles and tubesmicroscope slidesHemoccult slides/developer